Unexpecteds are always thrill and exciting while travelling

September 6, 2016

Travelling is fun and exciting because of the adventures it throws! There are scores of stories of people that one may have heard narrating the unexpected things that came their way while travelling. How those unforeseen incidents made travelling all the more thrilling and exciting are always interesting to know about. If not for the unexpected turn of events, travelling would be boring and without any thrill.

I have had an experience of witnessing unpredictable events while travelling in an unknown country. At that moment what seemed like trouble and inconvenience; be it in the form of commuting from one place to another, searching for food that we are used to eating, and learning to deal with different kinds of people while not letting them take us for a ride. It brings back those memories of running on the streets of an unseen country when we failed to find transportation to reach our destination within the city. What a fun and thrilling encounter it was! The incident did certainly add a tinge of excitement to our journey to a new land.

Marty Rubin aptly put it when he said, “Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind”. Unless one doesn’t go with the flow of events and explores new avenues while travelling, there is no fun element in travelling. As long as one is curious to know more and willing to take some risks, travelling will be a plain tale sans excitement. Living in that moment of uncertainty with a desire to traverse in a scenario of unpredictable turn of events is what makes travelling so enriching and dramatic.

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