I am scared and not scared of holidaying alone

September 6, 2016

There are numerous people who prefer holidaying alone as compared to the ones who choose to holiday with family or friends. There could be many reasons to holiday alone. It may be to be with oneself, enjoy own company or become more daring to explore a new place all alone. I am scared to holiday alone in the face of difficulties that I may come across in a new place. After all, having somebody’s company makes life much easier and less scary in adverse situations. That feeling of helplessness if I were to be stuck in a troublesome situation while I am holidaying all alone fills me with fear.

I also look at the prospect of holidaying all alone as a daring act and an opportunity to grow out of my fears of holidaying alone. There is much freedom when one holidays alone and be in for some adventure. I would certainly not give up this thrill of adventure of holidaying alone. Enjoying my own company and mingle with strange people is something I look forward to. I love the freedom to explore everything new while I am holidaying alone. I resonate with what Aesop once said, “Adventure is worthwhile.”

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