Holiday with Friends V/s Family

September 6, 2016

Holidaying with friends’ v/s family hold different things in store for a traveller. Friends are relaxed, know about you and are more chilled out. It is a different wavelength with friends that I share and hence like to holiday with them. The outlook of holidaying and doing things is totally diverse unlike holidaying with family. Of course, many issues might crop up while holidaying with friends like budget issues considering that all come from economic strata. Spending on things may be a concern in such situations. However, there are many positivities too while holidaying with friends. I have seen the friendship getting stronger and setting out on adventures that have provided much fun and memories to remember forever.

Holidaying with family too comes with its pros and cons. Enjoying with family is a precious thing and will remain as a memory for life. One need not be concerned about the budgeting aspect herein since it is a family. There is also an element of restraint while one is holidaying with family. One may not feel so open as compared with friends. Moreover, in family everybody has different ways of holidaying. Some may prefer to go to the beach while some may opt for a visit to a museum. There is a likelihood of arguments and difference of opinions when it comes to holidaying with family. In the end, it all depends how one looks at holidaying with friends’ v/s family.

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